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What is the story behind Doggy Delirious?

Let's face it; dogs want what humans want. Doggy Delisious has human food at the core of its identity and it is what dogs crave. Doggy Delrious is distinctive and allows you to give your pup things they wish they could eat without worrying about the junk it has in it. It is the closest thing you can get to a snack you'd eat yourself.

Doggy Delirious is proud to be 100% human-grade. What does human-grade mean?

Products are 100% human-grade when the finished product is deemed legally suitable, safe, and FDA-approved for consumption by humans. Amongst other things, this means that the product is free from meals, by-products, and other feed grade ingredients. It must also be made with ingredients a human could eat and be produced in a facility certified for human consumption.

When pet products are not considered to be 100% human-grade, what are they considered?

Pet products that are not 100% human-grade are considered feed grade. This means the product is not suitable for consumption by humans according to FDA standards. The products are only legally allowed to be served to animals because of the ingredients it contains or how it has been processed. Feed grade pet products allow for by-products, chemicals, fillers, and parts from "4D" meats (animals which are dying diseased, disabled, or deceased). These are all thing that would never be approved for human consumption.

What is the difference between "100% human-grade" pet products and pet products that are "made with human-grade ingredients".

Pet products that are "made with human-grade ingredients" are not considered Human-Grade. They are made with human grade ingredients but they are made in facilities or within processes that are not approved for human consumption.

Why is Doggy Delirious committed to being a 100% human-grade manufacturer?

Our mission as a company is to feed the best possible food to as many dogs as possible. In our opinion, that’s not something we can achieve without a firm 100% human-grade stance.

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